VIP Clubhouse: Experiences money can't buy

You play, we pay! Available only to invited players, VIP Clubhouse strives for excellence in services, offers, and events.

Personalised service

With a team of specialised account managers ensuring that everything is always of the highest standard, members enjoy exclusive bonuses, invites to prestigious events, and tailored solutions to their fun, fast, and fair experience.

  • Dedicated VIP manager

    • Focused on ONLY your needs.
    • A private betting experience tailored exactly for you.
  • High value rewards

    • Offers modeled just for you.
    • Wager-free rewards.
    • Weekly bonuses.
  • Highest bet limits in the industry

    • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits via crypto.
  • VIP-exclusive promotions

    • The best betting experiences are reserved for you.
    • Only visible to VIP Clubhouse members.
  • Luxurious holiday gifts

    • High-value gifts on your birthday.
    • Personalised offers.
  • 24/7 priority support

    • No queues, no waiting.
    • We attend to your needs first.

Borderless events

VIP Clubhouse works the extra mile to make unforgettable events across the globe. All events are always free of expenses and planning for attending members (winners of VIP promotions, high-rollers). Enjoy life at its fullest and create great memories as a VIP clubhouse member.

  • 2024 Bombay Yacht Experience

    2024 UEFA Champions League final - London

    UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany

    NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2024

Stars in sight

Sportsbet has legendary athletes in the VIP Clubhouse. Join our high-profile community of crypto leaders and high-rollers!

Becoming a VIP?

Entry to VIP Clubhouse is by invitation only. Get in touch with us to see what a tailored VIP package could look like for you. Join the family now!

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Live the luxurious VIP Clubhouse life at

Experience a whole new world full of exclusive and handsome rewards reserved for the loyal and consistent players. Enjoy a refined betting experience when you become a part of’s VIP programme.

With lucrative prizes up for grabs and a fun, fast, and fair Tether (USDT) betting experience, every VIP Clubhouse member gets access to special perks, exclusive events, and other exciting promotions. Find out everything you need to know about our exceptional programme and how you can be a part of it below: 

VIP Clubhouse benefits: Why should you become a member?

Being a part of our VIP programme gives you an opportunity to personalise your casino and sports betting sessions at a much bigger scale. Here’s what you can expect in joining’s VIP programme:

Get your own VIP manager 

The biggest perk of being a VIP here at is having a VIP manager. We assign these experts to personally help you manage your accounts and assist with whatever you need at With a professional casino service staff at the ready, you can score wins and have a fun-filled experience in betting.

VIP invitations to exclusive events around the world

Pack your bags and let take you to exotic and exciting locations as a VIP Clubhouse member! As one of our valued VIPs, you can explore the world and watch prestigious events. From sailing across the Adriatic sea aboard a stunning yacht all the way to living in a five-star hotel in Asia, has you covered. A VIP and a sports enthusiast? Get ready to watch the hottest football events such as the Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and Premier League. 

The VIP Clubhouse gives prizes money can’t buy—events winners and high-rollers can enjoy these all-expense paid travels, taking the online betting experience to a higher level.

Experience VIP treatment with famous athletes is known to be a leading crypto sports betting site, with partnerships on top football clubs and players. Experience the VIP Clubhouse with these big names—from popular football stars to prominent crypto leaders. 

24/7 priority customer service support

As our valued VIP Clubhouse member, you don’t need to wait for an agent to assist you. No queues, no problem. Our customer support staff will always put you first.

Peak betting limits

Bet to the fullest! gives you a chance to place the high wagers as one of our VIP perks. Once you are a part of the VIP Clubhouse, there are no limits to withdrawals and deposits. 

Personalised and exciting holiday gifts

Spend your holidays in the best way possible with’s VIP Clubhouse! As a member, you will receive high-value gifts both on your birthday and account anniversary as well. It doesn’t stop there—VIPs also get to enjoy personalised offers for these gifts. VIP Clubhouse: The perfect place for high rollers 

There is so much to explore when you’re a VIP here at As a high roller and a Clubhouse member, expect to receive more than what you put into your betting journey. As one of the elites, find out why the VIP Clubhouse is the perfect space for high rollers like you:

Prestige in betting

Being a high roller means prestige in betting. Everyone admires players who know the games all around and are not afraid to take the biggest risks. Bettors who get the best wins and see their gamble pay off are also the ones who are not afraid to take the leap.

Sportsbook recognition

Being a high roller means getting the attention of Your impressive betting stakes are not missed—we recognize exceptional bets of each account and we know how to reward you.’s regular high rollers has the best chance to become a VIP Clubhouse member!


Enjoy exclusive games as a high roller. gives you the chance to play top-notch casino games and place bets on the most premier sports events in the world all year round.

High roller games you can place bets on

As a VIP, you get the chance to play exciting games for huge rewards that will give you an awesome set of rewards in the long run. Here are some of the best titles that you can try for high roller betting:

  • Southampton FC Roulette - Step up to your heart’s desire and get the best chances of winning while spinning with the Saints. With a minimum bet of €0.20 and an RTP of 97.3%, this is one of the high roller games that you would love to try.

  • Bombay Club Baruto Baccarat - Join Baruto as he delivers you a special experience in baccarat. With a favourable RTP of 98.94, get the best chance to gain generous wins in baccarat as you take your shot.

  • Bombay Club Blackjack - Evolution’s blackjack game has been one of the prestige titles to look out for, and with a hit ratio of 54% there are a lot of winning chances here. Enjoy top-notch gaming when you play this baccarat game with an RTP of 99.29% for a lot of handsome rewards.

How to become a VIP Clubhouse member at

A VIP Clubhouse membership does not have a price tag—it is earned. The VIP status can only be achieved through a exclusive invitation. No need for applications and other requirements. is always on the prowl to see who are the next line of potential bettors who will be invited into the VIP Clubhouse.

So how do you become a VIP at exactly? Find out below:

Keep betting

The key to becoming a VIP is to always bet on various sports events and casino games. will reward your consistency. As a top crypto betting site, regularly use your digital assets to place wagers on any event and casino game offered at Try USDT betting as well and keep using your bankroll consistently.

Go for high roller games

The risk is as good as the reward with high roller games. When your bets succeed, high roller games can give you amazing rewards and high winnings. values bettors who place wagers on high roller games. 

Participate in regular events’s promotions feature various events and contests that you can join anytime. Participating in any of them regularly will give you a better shot at a VIP Clubhouse invite. Not only that, but you can also be more active in other’s Clubhouse features such as Clubhouse Talk and Clubhouse TV.

Wait for an invite

The last thing you need to do is to wait for us to send you an invite. Just keep on playing games and going for the high roller games. After a few sessions of casino gaming and sports betting, you will get an invite right away once deemed worthy of VIP Clubhouse membership.

Experience the high life as a Clubhouse VIP

Take your USDT betting experience to a whole new world while enjoying top-notch perks as a member of’s VIP club. Enjoy the best of fun, fast and fair betting as a valued player when you take on the sports bets and casino games.