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Push the boundaries of NFT gaming further with ZED RUN and Sportsbet.io. Experience fun, fast, and fair betting experience as you watch ZED RUN NFT races and win crypto payouts. Eager to know more? Here’s what you can look forward to when you bet on ZED RUN races at Sportsbet.io:

What is ZED RUN?

ZED RUN is a popular blockchain-based racing platform for virtual horses that expertly combines elements of gaming, racing, and NFTs. This allows you to have ownership over in-game assets such as rare ZED RUN horses. 

What makes ZED RUN more exciting and unique is that these virtual NFT horse races let you compete with other players in real time. Taking your ZED RUN NFT crypto horse racing experience to the next level, ZED RUN boasts over 40k users giving you plenty of exciting competition. ZED RUN also features an average of 10k player vs player (PvP) races daily. 

Virtual NFT Horse Racing

NFT horse racing is a rather new project and ZED RUN is one of the first of its kind as it was released in 2018. A few other examples that follow include DeRace which launched in 2021 and Silks in 2022. This is a new kind of sport set to embrace all elements in the industry of horse racing and take them to a virtual space. In this case, that place is the metaverse on Ethereum. 

NFT horses

A horse NFT, in the context of ZED RUN, is an asset that comes in the form of digital horses on Ethereum. They can be owned, bought, and sold like foals at NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. They are also classified by various elements which ultimately determine their unique identity like the following:

  • Gender → Determines if the horse is a colt, stallion, filly, or mare

  • Colour → Indicates the shade and hue of the NFT horses

  • Bloodline → Tracks the legacy of a horse through progenies

  • Genotype → Determines how dominant or recessive an NFT horses’ traits are

  • Number of offspring → Exact number of foals studded or brooded by the same horse

  • Race statistics → Number of times the NFT has participated in crypto horse racing

All of these elements are inspired from real-life horse racing. However, there is one major key difference that makes ZED RUN a lot better. Firstly, an NFT horse does not age so classification between a colt and a stallion or a filly and a mare is different. It’s a colt or filly as long as it still doesn’t have a foal. Otherwise, it will be labelled a stallion or mare in all digital horse racing.

Virtual horse racing

There are also a few differences between a virtual horseracing game and real life racing. Firstly. ZED RUN did away with elements that were unnecessary in the digital space. That includes the jockey because horses in metaverse horse racing are programmed to run straight to the finish line to the best of their ability. 

Another key factor removed from NFT horse racing is the horse’s disobedience. A horse causing enough trouble to be pulled out from the race is a common occurrence in traditional horse racing. It can cost the owner and trainer a lot in losses but that’s gone now in ZED RUN. 

NFT horse breeding

The market is one of the key elements that makes horse racing the ever growing industry it was known for. Horses are bred to pass down their ideal traits to their foals, thereby continuing their legacy. Likewise, owners breed two horses of champion bloodlines for a chance to create a foal that can carry the best traits from both parents.

ZED RUN horse prices are as volatile as the traditional foal market. Foals from champion bloodlines have higher bids than those of lower descent because investors have high hopes for their performances. 

Horse breed is one of the key defining factors to horse racing crypto betting. Foals from a well-established bloodline are more likely to become the favourite than the unknown colts and fillies. Horse racing crypto betting for ZED RUN follows the same odds dynamics in any traditional horse race so veteran punters will be familiar. 

How does ZED RUN work?

ZED RUN is a metaverse horse racing game with virtual outcomes. After you buy NFT ZED horses, choose which one you want to join the race and compete against other players’ racehorses. Similar to traditional horse racing, the outcome of the virtual race is determined by various factors such as the racehorses' attributes and the length of the race track. 

The fun doesn’t stop there as you can also breed your NFT horses to create new generations with a combination of traits from their sire and dam. This introduces an element of strategy and genetic management into the game.


The stats of virtual racehorses greatly affect their likelihood of winning in the race just like in traditional race horsing. The better the stats, the better the racehorses will perform. ZED RUN races feature tracks with varied distances and race class types. Every current and previous racehorse as well as track data is made available and can be viewed before the race. 

ZED breeding, racehorse, and track data provided for the regular ZED horse racing events are as follows:

Racehorse data:

  • DNA

  • Class and level

  • Number of wins

  • Prize money earned

  • Racehorse gate number

  • Stamina

  • Number of races

  • Last 5 results

Track data:

  • Location

  • Distance

  • Prize money on offer

  • Race class type


To provide the best NFT gaming experience, ZED RUN uses high-quality features into its digital horse racing events. These features will not only let you dive into the exciting world of NFTs but also have you revel in NFT gaming.

The top-notch ZED RUN race features you can maximise are:

  • Live odds

  • Detailed stats on NFT horses

  • Access to scheduled races

  • 5,000+ daily races

  • In-depth stable and racehorse analytics

  • Integrated streaming

How to bet on ZED RUN races at Sportsbet.io

Can’t wait to experience a whole new level of horse race betting? Sportsbet.io lets punters place wagers on ZED RUN races using their preferred cryptocurrencies, such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and more.

Here’s how ZED RUN crypto betting at Sportsbet.io works:

  1. The races are first made available on ZED RUN.

  2. ZED RUN gamers then fill out the race (PvP format).

  3. Once all of the data needed are collected, the odds are then managed by ZED RUN application programming interface (API) service. 

  4. Generated odds are displayed along with the race’s video stream.

  5. Races are then scheduled and run 5 to 10 minutes later. Take your pick among the available ZED RUN races at Sportsbet.io.

  6. Bet on live and upcoming ZED RUN races using Sportsbet.io’s Betslip feature.

  7. Finalise your bets and wait for ZED RUN race results.

Sportsbet.io features for ZED RUN race betting

Have the best ZED RUN race betting experience when you maximise Sportsbet.io's betting features to place wagers hassle-free.

  • Live streaming → Watch the virtual race in real time and cheer for your chosen horse to win. This feature will help you adjust your bets depending on how the race is progressing and boost your chances of winning. 

  • In-play and future betting → In-play betting allows you to bet on the ZED RUN race while it’s happening. On the other hand, future betting lets you place wagers before the virtual race commences. 


At Sportsbet.io, you can expect the best markets for ZED RUN races: 

  • Winner → Betting on this market means you are wagering on the racehorse you think will win the match. 

  • Place →  Place your bet on this market if you think the racehorse you wagered on will finish the race in first, second, or third place.


Sportsbet.io provides three main odds formats for NFT horse racing. If you want to change the odds format, simply scroll down the page. Found at the lower left part of the screen, click the drop-down button to select the odds format you prefer. 

Keep in mind that regardless of the odds format, they will always show how likely a certain outcome will happen in ZED RUN races. Learn how to read each odds format below:

  • American → Betting on the underdog represented with odds with a plus (+) sign is riskier but pays out more. On the other hand, wagering on the favourites that come with a minus sign (-) is safer but pays less.
    For example, odds that are listed as +150 mean you will win 150 USDT if you bet 100 USDT. If the odds are listed as -150, you need to bet 150 USDT to win 100 USDT.

  • Decimal → These odds are represented in decimal format and are easy to calculate since all you need to do is multiply your bet by the odds shown. If you bet 10 USDT on a racehorse with decimal odds of 2.50 and the racehorse wins, you win 25 USDT.

  • Hong Kong → Just like the decimal odds format, the Hong Kong odds format is represented by a decimal number. The higher the odds are in relation to 1, the higher the payout. However, it is riskier.
    To compute your total payout, add 1 to the odds and then multiply that number by each USDT you bet. If you bet 10 USDT on HK odds of 0.50 (add 1), your total payout will be 15 USDT.

Sportsbet.io: Bet on ZED RUN’s exciting races using USDT and other crypto

ZED RUN is no different from traditional horse racing. It’s a revolutionary platform that allows NFT investors to raise and race a horse of their own and punters at Sportsbet.io can bet on them. This makes for fun horse race betting that does not have a schedule as strict and limited as traditional races. 

Sportsbet.io is a renowned crypto sportsbook perfect for NFT gaming races that provides you with a whole new level of betting experience. The site also features the best betting markets and odds as well as different betting options for all kinds of sports you can maximise. 

Bet on the go with Sportsbet.io’s mobile app available on both iOS and Android phones. You can also enjoy a secure and worthwhile betting session by depositing USDT and other crypto to your Sportsbet.io account through Onramper, MetaMask, and other options.