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Serve and score big: Tennis matches to watch and bet on today

Tennis is a highly popular sport globally, attracting millions of people who play for fun and watch professional tournaments. With competitions year-round, it’s a top pick for sports bettors. Keep track of today's tennis match betting to make your tennis experience more exciting. Learn more about tennis betting today and enjoy Sportsbet.io’s offers. 

Your ultimate guide to tennis betting today

Looking to bet on tennis matches today? Sportsbet.io has you covered! Getting started is quick and easy—simply create your account and deposit your funds using your preferred payment method. Sportsbet.io offers various options, so you can use USDT to bet on today’s tennis matches or other cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

Once you’re all set up, head to the tennis section and explore the leagues and tournaments you can bet on within the next 24 hours. Pick from a diverse selection of betting markets with competitive odds. 

Tennis betting today means you can wager on both ongoing games and matches that are about to take place soon. Get ready to make your predictions and finalise your bets quickly!

Top tennis tournaments to bet on

If you’re looking for a tennis tournament today, here are some of the most popular ones that you can consider, providing you with favourable betting opportunities:

Grand Slam tournaments

Known as the pinnacle of tennis betting, the Grand Slams carry a rich history and feature the top players in the world. These consist of four major tournaments which are considered the hottest in sports betting tennis today, such as:

  • Australian Open: The Grand Slam begins with the Australian Open, which takes place in January during the Australian summer in Melbourne. Tennis matches are played on hard courts.

  • French Open: Also known as the Roland Garros, it takes place in late May and early June in Paris. It is the only Grand Slam tournament played on a unique red clay surface.

  • Wimbledon: The oldest and most celebrated Grand Slam tournament in London. It is held in late June or early July and is played on grass courts. A Wimbledon live tennis match today also highlights royal prestige and enforces strict dress codes.

  • US Open: Also played on hard courts, the US Open is held in New York and concludes the Grand Slam season in late August or early September.

ATP Tour Master 1000 Series

Thе ATP Tour Mastеrs 1000 Sеriеs is part of thе ATP tour and offеring high-quality tеnnis еvеnts all yеar round. These tournaments attract top-level players and offer intense competition. Hеrе arе somе of thе most popular ones to look for tennis odds today are:

  • Indian Wells Masters: Hеld in March at Indian Wеlls and California and USA. Matchеs arе playеd on hard courts.

  • Monte-Carlo Masters: This takеs placе in Montе Carlo and Monaco and every April of thе yеar. It is known for its picturеsquе location with matchеs played on clay.

  • Miami Open: Happеns еvеry March in Miami and Florida and USA. Matchеs arе also playеd on hard courts.

  • Madrid Open: Taking place in Madrid, Spain, every May of the year. Matches are also played on clay.

Other tennis tournaments to bet on

Apart from the Grand Slams and ATP Tour Masters 1000 Series, there are many more tournaments where you can witness high-quality competitions and place tennis bets today. These include:

  • ATP and WTA 500 and 250 Series: These tournaments offer intense matches at a lower level of tennis competition, providing a platform for rising stars to improve their rankings.

  • The Olympic Games: Takes place every four years, attracting top players from all around the world. It features both men's and women's tennis matches—singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events.

  • ATP and WTA Finals: The most-awaited season-ending tournaments for ATP and WTA. It attracts top-ranked players, providing a thrilling culmination of the tennis season.

  • The Davis Cup: Organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), it is an international competition featuring teams from various countries competing in a knockout format.

Tennis betting odds formats 

Odds are numbers that indicate the likelihood of a certain prediction. Here at Sportsbet.io, understanding betting odds is easy. If you are new, here are the most common formats that you can use when placing bets on your tennis picks today:

  • American: These odds are shown as positive and negative numbers. Positive odds show the underdog, with figures indicating the potential profit from a 100 USDT bet. Negative odds represent the favourite to win the game and the amount you need to bet for a 100 USDT profit.

  • Decimal: Shown as decimal numbers, such as 1.00 or 4.50, odds in this format indicate the total payout you would receive for a winning bet, including your initial bet and profit. To calculate, multiply the odds by your initial bet.

For instance, if you bet on tennis odds today of 2.50, and you wager 100 USDT. If you win the bet, your total payout would be 250 USDT. This includes your initial bet of 100 USDT and a profit of 150 USDT.

  • Hong Kong: Displayed as positive and negative decimal numbers, odds below 1 indicate the favourite, while odds higher than 1 indicate the underdog of tennis matches today. To calculate the potential payout, simply add 1 to the odds and multiply it by your wager.

Popular tennis betting markets for great betting opportunities

To boost your knowledge of tennis match betting, get to know the various markets available. Here are some of the most popular options offered at Sportsbet.io:

  • Winner: This is the simplest betting option where you pick the player/s you believe will win the tennis match.

  • Total Games: Your tennis bookmaker will set a predetermined line for the total number of games to be played in the match. Your goal is to bet on whether the actual total number of games played is over or under the set line.

  • Game Handicap: The bookmaker will give a point advantage or disadvantage to a player to level the playing field. You can bet on whether the player will cover or fail the given handicap based on the overall tennis match results.

  • Set Handicap: Similar to game handicap, you bet on the handicap given to a player in terms of sets won or lost. 

Tips for increasing your tennis bets’ winning chances

To bet on today’s tennis match with Tether successfully, enhance the accuracy of your tennis betting predictions today by considering these tips:

Try betting on underdogs

Sometimes, players may reach the peak or use their maximum potential in Grand Slams, using other tournaments to build their form. In such events, lesser-known players cause upsets, presenting favourable scenarios for bettors. Supporting underdogs in strategic situations can allow you to beat the tennis match odds.

Back multiple players

Increase your chances of making accurate today tennis match predictions by wagering on multiple players. Look for the sure favourites and dark horses in the tournament, as they can provide you with a great winning opportunity. In tennis, the more players you place bets on, the more winning chances you have. 

Back aggressive favourites on handicap betting

Players known for their aggressive style of play can benefit your handicap bets, giving you strategic tennis match predictions. They tend to cause numerous breaks, which can lead to successfully covering the game's spread.

Manage your betting bankroll

Proper bankroll management is also essential in maximising your winning potential. Set a budget that you can solely dedicate to your bets and strictly stick to it to avoid chasing losses or losing more than you can afford to lose. This way, you can fully enjoy betting on today’s tennis match.

Factors to consider when betting on tennis matches

Be a savvy tennis bettor by knowing key aspects of making the best tennis betting predictions today. Here are some crucial factors to consider when betting with cryptocurrency on today’s tennis matches:

Court surface 

Tennis is played on various surfaces like grass, clay, and hard courts. Before placing your tennis bets today, knowing the court surface of the match allows you to study which players thrive on it. Some stand out on certain surfaces, while others find them challenging and affecting their performance.

Playing conditions

Determine the playing conditions of tennis today’s match, such as weather and temperature. Some players can handle hot weather, while others struggle. Also, if it is windy, there’s a high chance that players focusing on shot accuracy may be affected. Being aware of these conditions can help inform your bets.

Player ratings

Aside from assessing tennis betting odds today, pay attention to player rankings to understand their current form. Higher-ranked players are usually favoured, but remember that surprises can still occur. Consider player rankings while examining their consistency.

Head-to-head records

Accurate tennis predictions today come from the head-to-head records of competing players. Observe patterns where one player consistently has an advantage over the other and wins more in their recent matches. You will also see how they perform against each other, which you can consider in your bets.

Tennis betting at Sportsbet.io: Fun, fast, and fair

Bet on tennis matches today with Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) or other top crypto assets at Sportsbet.io! Look forward to the hottest tournaments and matches all year, with plenty of betting markets and competitive odds!

The platform also provides tennis forecasts today with complete statistics, helping you with your ‘today tennis predictions’. Level up your excitement with Sportsbet.io’s exclusive features, such as:

  • Price Boost: Make your tennis bets today with cryptocurrencies better with Sportsbet.io’s Price Boost feature! Increase your potential winnings by boosting your odds at no extra cost. Simply click on the Price Boost option on your bet slip (if available), and you’re set to potentially win a higher payout.

  • Bet Sharing: Tell your friends and fellow bettors to bet tennis today by enjoying Sportsbet.io’s bet-sharing feature! Easily share your bet slip, allowing you to discuss and root for your bets together, elevating your excitement!

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Betting on today’s tennis matches with crypto has never been easier! Whether you want to use Bitcoin to bet on today’s tennis matches or explore other options like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, Sportsbet.io has you covered. Join now and start enjoying a fun, fast, and fair wagering experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help you get started with betting with cryptocurrencies on today’s tennis match, here are the most commonly asked questions:

What’s the best payment method to use for tennis betting?

Cryptocurrencies provide a seamless experience, allowing you to deposit and withdraw your funds without the need for intermediaries and service charges. Just deposit your funds and bet on today’s tennis match with Bitcoin in just a few steps!

What are the most common types of tennis bets?

There are many options for Bitcoin betting on tennis matches today, including:

  • Winner

  • Total Games

  • Game Handicap

  • Set Handicap

  • X Set Winner

Can I bet on tennis matches using my mobile device?

Yes! With Sportsbet.io’s mobile app or Telegram betting bot, you can easily join USDT tennis betting today, whenever or wherever you are, as long as your mobile phone is connected to the internet.