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From official ITTF tours to domestic leagues, bet on ongoing table tennis games as they happen at Punters can wager on various in-play betting table tennis markets accompanied by ever-changing odds depending on what's happening in the game.

Placing in-play table tennis bets is perfect for punters who want to maximise the excitement of watching live matches from any and every table tennis event. Find out more about live match betting at below:

Olympics table tennis betting at

Table tennis made its Olympic debut at the 1988 Seoul Olympics as a demonstration sport. It became a full medal sport at the 1988 Barcelona Olympics, featuring men's and women's singles and doubles events.

China has been the dominant force in Olympic table tennis, consistently winning the majority of medals since its inclusion as a full sport. Chinese players have secured numerous gold medals across singles and team events.

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will feature table tennis as one of its competitive sports, continuing the tradition of showcasing this fast-paced and skillful game on the global stage. The table tennis competition will include men's and women's singles, doubles, and possibly mixed doubles events.

Format: The format typically involves a combination of group stage matches followed by knockout rounds leading up to the medal matches. Matches are played in a best-of format, with matches determined by a best-of-five games system.

Top contenders: Players from China, Japan, Germany, and other countries with strong table tennis traditions are expected to compete for medals.

Individual stars: Keep an eye on top-ranked players like Fan Zhendong (China), Ma Long (China), Miwa Harimoto (Japan), and Chen Meng (China), who have consistently performed well on the international stage.

Table tennis: Formats and how the sport works 

Expect to find different table tennis formats whenever you watch any table tennis live match. Similar to tennis, this sport features more than just a single player vs player event. Here are the various formats of table tennis:

  • Men’s singles

  • Women’s singles

  • Men’s team

  • Women’s team

  • Teams mixed

  • Doubles men

  • Doubles women 

  • Doubles mixed

The most popular formats have to be the first two, but table tennis betting lets you place wagers on every format.

How table tennis is played

It is played on the table's upper surface, which measures 2.74m long and 1.525m wide and 76cm above the floor. A net in the middle will be the main factor that impedes the ball beside the player. 

Aside from the table, some of the most important points you should remember, especially when you start table tennis live betting, are the following:

  • A table tennis match consists of multiple games that must be played each for 11 points. 

  • Services will have to alternate after every two points, despite consecutive instances. 

  • Volleys are not allowed in table tennis, meaning the ball has to bounce before being hit. 

  • The serve can land anywhere in singles.

  • Doubles serves must go from right court to right court.

  • Doubles will need alternate hits.

  • The ball needs to be tossed straight up when serving.

Get started: How to bet on table tennis at

Simply proceed to the in-play tab when you want to place ping-pong bets. All you have to do to do in-play pingpong betting is to choose an ongoing match and then pick out which market you feel like predicting. This is easy and has been streamlined well by for any punter.

To get started with, you need to follow a step-by-step process to have an easier time doing online table tennis betting.

  1. First, you need to register your account at by clicking the register button in the upper right corner of the site. There will be other options for creating an account by connecting them to (Telegram, Facebook, and Line).

  2. Deposit your funds into your account using your chosen payment method.

  3. Go to the sports betting section and look for the table tennis tab in the sports betting section. There will be an in-play tab to bet on any live table tennis match. 

  4. Click on your preferred match. Your table tennis in-play betting starts when you finally place a wager on at least a single market of the game. You can place more than one bet using's Betslip as well. Expect the ping pong odds on each market to increase or decrease since you're doing live table tennis betting. The top table tennis in-play markets

Now that you know how in-play betting works at, let's dive into some of the best markets at Table tennis odds will accompany these markets to help you make the best decision possible. 

  • Total points - Bet how many points both players/teams will score in the match. 

  • Winner - The most standard market in the betting world where you predict which player or team will win the match. 

  • Game winner - This is not for the entire match for one specific game. This market is available at the beginning of every game, as the previous game's market will disappear after it concludes. 

  • Correct score - Predict the exact score of the match. This has to be precise, but since you are making table tennis sports betting decisions while the match is ongoing, it can work out better for you since you have visual context. 

  • How many games will be decided by extra points - You have to predict which games have to be decided beyond 11 points. This means that both players/teams have played well to the point where deuces are required. The bettor will predict how many times that will happen in a match. 

These markets are matched with useful in play odds table tennis matches often have. With live table tennis games, placing bets on any market has to be decisive and quick.  

Betting tips: How to win your table tennis predictions

Reading table tennis betting tips helps and makes watching matches more fun. These will be important as you can make the best decisions when implementing them into your ping pong predictions. Here are some of the best ping pong betting tips you can try:

Identify the top table tennis players

If you know the big names in the sport, you will most likely know some of the favourites that can also set the stage. You can learn more about their playstyles and possibly find holes in their game when you identify them. This can be useful when they play an underdog with a significant chance of winning behind the online table tennis odds you see.

Deepen your table tennis knowledge

With solid table tennis knowledge, you will have a leg up on the rest of the bettors. This is due to your awareness of multiple aspects of table tennis that are not apparent for casual bettors. Use this to your advantage to succeed with your wagers moving forward, relying on yourself and not just the live odds table tennis you can see.

This is about the playstyle and the numerous table tennis betting rules you should look into to have an easier time moving forward.

Stats will matter for any kind of bet 

Regardless of subjective opinion, stats allows you to have an objective view of table tennis. This can help you understand which bets to make and what kind of wagers you can make. However, ensure you find the context behind the numbers because they can tell a story but might not relay it completely in your table tennis betting online.

Always consider the players’ match history

Always consider the players' match history when you plan on betting on table tennis. You will have a good idea for your bet when you look into the players' previous matches. This will give you additional context to the table tennis betting odds online that you can use to maximise your wagers. odds: A strong tool for your table tennis bets 

Whenever you want to make a bet at, a valuable set of odds for table tennis will be present for your wagers. These values help punters with their table tennis live prediction.'s useful odds

Here are the three most commonly used table tennis live odds types at By learning to distinguish them, you can find a preferred type you can use in the long run. 

  • Moneyline - This type of table tennis odds live shows plus (+) and minus (-) signs. The former will be attached to the underdogs because they are riskier and more profitable. The latter will be linked to the favourites because it is a safer pick and less profitable. 

  • Decimal - This is arguably the easiest table tennis odds online to read because the lower the number, the more likely they will win. The higher the number, the more profitable yet riskier. If the odds are around 1.50, the bettor can earn around $1.50 when they win.

  • Hong Kong - In this format, bettors must know if the odds are lower than 1; that is the game’s favourite. Exactly one will mean that the payout will be the same as the wagered amount, and lastly, if the odds are more than 1, the bettors will have a bigger potential reward.

The top table tennis events you can make bets on

Want to bet on live table tennis today? You should keep an eye out for some of the biggest events in the sport. Here are the most popular events in the table tennis world. 

  • The Summer Games

  • ITTF World Tour 

  • World Championships

  • African Championships 

  • Asian Championships 

  • European Championships 

Whenever you plan to bet, check out the table tennis odds in play for these events so you can make good bets. 

What are the best table tennis leagues to bet on?

Table tennis has more than just the most popular international competitions. You can find table tennis live score events that excite bettors and fans alike, where you will witness the greatness of players competing for victory. Here are some professional table tennis leagues you should look into: 

  • Liga Pro - This is a Russia-based organisation holding many sporting events, including basketball, esports, and now, table tennis. It involves thousands of players competing for the top spot. Liga Pro is filled with multiple divisions, making a good variety of events to bet on.  The ping pong live results of the league are always highly-anticipated.

  • Czech Liga Pro - Just like the previous league, this is the primary table tennis competition in the Czech Republic. You can bet on numerous matches here since it has numerous divisions. This includes games held almost every hour during matchdays.

  • TT Elite Series - This involves multiple two-day tournaments across Europe, which hosts some of the best players in the region. They compete for solid prize money and a better chance of making it to the biggest international events like the ITTF World Tour.

  • Setka Cup - In Ukraine, this tournament supports the development of their table tennis circuit. Matches are often played, involving various age groups and skill levels nationwide. 

  • European Champions League - This annual event involves the highest-ranked European club teams. It is regarded as the most important international club competition for European table tennis.

Table tennis’ popularity continuously grows over the years, and many leagues have been established to develop players from their respective regions. It can also help hone players into contenders who can compete in international competitions. By knowing more about the sport and its leagues worldwide, you will better understand what to bet on, along with table tennis real time odds.

Who are some of the best table tennis players?

Table tennis is one of the best sports where individual skill stands out. These are some of the best table tennis players in the world recently: 

  • Fan Zhendong - Dominance is a big deal in table tennis, especially for Chinese players. Fan has been dominant because of his playstyle involving explosive footwork and powerful forehand hits. 

  • Ma Long - Recognised by many as the greatest table tennis player of all time, Ma Long has one of the most impressive track records of any athlete. Known as ‘The Dragon, Ma Long has lived up to his name because he is dominant due to his aggression with his hits. 

  • Wang Chuqin - Another Chinese star table tennis star, Wang has been a consistent threat since he made his pro debut after the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. While he is more reserved, he is one of the hardest matchups because he has superb power and control, even when he uses either hand.

  • Tomokazu Harimoto - Breaking the Chinese dominance, Harimoto has proven that he can keep up with the best players from there too. Focused on playing the counter-attacking style, Harimoto is patient when he plays table tennis because he wants to offset his lacklustre movement.

  • Sun Yingsha - Sun has only been in pro table tennis for a few years but has kept proving she’s the best with her aggression. Sometimes, she plays like a badminton player with her activity and power. 

  • Chen Meng - One of the best players of all time, Chen is one of the best defensive stars. She loves to counter-attack as she showcases patience all the time. However, that does not mean she is not an offensive stud because she has tons of power.

  • Wang Manyu - Known as a tough player that uses her long frame to keep battling against the top players. She is a tough matchup for anyone because she has superb power that deserves solid respect.

  • Hayata Hina - The best player outside of China, Hina loves to generate powerful hits. She is left-handed, meaning she can be a hard matchup for most players because of her southpaw stance, jarring her opponents from making their usual hits from a preferred angle. The best betting platform for table tennis crypto bets 

Betting on ping pong using your digital assets is made easy by—from Bitcoin to other top assets like USDT (Tether) and Ethereum. Have a fun, fast, and fair experience as you wager on live table tennis games available on the site. You can also enjoy table tennis in-play betting using's mobile app. Punters will never miss a chance to bet on live games through this feature.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions with table tennis in-play betting at 

Are there other types of bets I can make at

There are three types of table tennis bets that you can make at The in-play betting is a given, and it is also joined by future betting and outright betting. 

What is the best bet in table tennis?

The Winner market is one of table tennis's most popular and straightforward bets. Simply predict who will win the game as you watch and check real-time table tennis odds.

Is there a minimum bet here at 

Here are some of the minimum bet values you can see on 

  • mBTC 0.01 (BTC 0.00001)

  • ETH 0.001

  • LTC 0.01

  • USDT 0.07

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