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Get ready for the highly anticipated Euro 2024—the 17th edition of the European Championship! Now is the time to show off your European Championship betting skills by wagering on its intense games at using your preferred crypto. 

This guide will provide you with everything you need about the UEFA 2024 matches, along with some tips to make your betting experience even better:

Euro 2024: How the tournament works

The recently concluded draw for the quadrennial international football championship has organised the teams into groups based on their rankings in the overall Euro Qualifiers. A total of 24 qualifying teams from the Euro 2024 qualifying matches are participating in the tournament. Take a look at the Euro 2024 teams that will be competing in the Euro group stage.

  • Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

  • Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

  • Group D: Play-off winner A, Netherlands, Austria, France

  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winner B

  • Group F: Turkey, Play-off winner C, Portugal, Czechia

The play-off matches in March 2024 according to the Euro 2024 match schedule will determine the last three Euro Cup 2024 qualifiers. Afterwards, the top two teams from each of the six final tournament groups will advance to the Euro Cup knockout stage. The round of 16 will include the four best third-placed teams or the four teams with the most points during the Euro 2024 group stage. 

After the Euro 2024 knockout stage, there will be eight last 16-ties, followed by the quarter finals and then the semis. The highly anticipated Euro Soccer final will take place on July 14, 2024, at the Olympiastadion Berlin, with Germany hosting the event.

Pointing system

UEFA Euro 2024 will adopt the current  Euro Cup group stage points system, where teams earn three points from a victory, and one point from a draw. In the event of a tie in the standings that requires a resolution, a tie-breaking criterion will be applied.

Bet on head-to-head Euro 2024 matches at

With anticipation lasting as long as the football World Cups, Euro 2024 will capture intense attention from fans and the betting scene is looking promising as well. punters can bet on Euro Cup 2024 games using any crypto. Simply top up your account and follow these easy steps:

  • will display all the Euro 2024 matches available, including live and upcoming games—from the groups stage until the highly-awaited finals. Simply choose among these matches and click on the head-to-head game you want to bet on.

  • You can browse through all the possible betting markets in any given Euro match. 

  • Check the betting odds paired with various possible Euro match results and select your predictions. These will be automatically displayed on your Betslip, located at the bottom right corner of the site.

  • Set your stake on every outcome and enable the Price Boost option if available. It’s common for punters to use Bitcoin to bet on UEFA Euro 2024 but you can set it to other cryptocurrencies. For instance, try USDT betting on UEFA Euro 2024.

  • Once you’re satisfied with your bets, click ‘Place bet’.

Win big with the best Euro 2024 betting markets offers a diverse selection of betting markets. Knowing your options can help with your betting decisions and style. Here are some of the common betting markets in football:

  • 1x2: Bet on which Euro 2024 team wins their head-to-head game. In this type of bet, 1 represents a win for team 1, x represents a draw, and 2 represents a win for team 2.

  • Asian total: The bookmaker soccer Euro 2024 establishes a specific line for the expected number of goals in the Euro 2024 soccer match. You can place a bet on whether the outcome will be over or under that line. Asian total bets introduce half lines, which remove the possibility of a push or tie.

  • Asian handicap: Your Euro 2024 bookmaker assigns a handicap to each team, indicated by a positive or negative number. This is done to level the playing field. Your goal is to place a bet on the outcome of a match, taking into account the assigned handicap.

  • Double chance: You can select two out of the three possible outcomes of a game: home team win, draw, or away team win. This type of bet allows you to cover two of the possible outcomes in a single bet, introducing more options you can explore.

  • Anytime goalscorer: Allows you to wager on a specific player to score a goal at any time during the match, regardless of whether their team wins or loses.

Effective tips to help with your Euro 2024 match bet decisions

To enhance your match crypto or Bitcoin betting on UEFA Euro 2024, it is important to develop a solid betting strategy. Consider the following tips to make wise bets:

Study head-to-head statistics

Head-to-head statistics offer insights that can greatly influence your betting decisions. Analysing the historical performance of teams can help you identify patterns and playing styles that have proven effective against specific opponents. These statistics may also highlight any historical rivalries and individual player matchups, which are particularly helpful for player-related bets.

Understand the Euro odds

Understanding Euro 2024 odds is essential as it helps you comprehend your bets and have an idea about the potential payouts. offers various odd formats to cater to different types of bettors. It's crucial to familiarise yourself with Euro final odds to increase your chances of success. These odds are:

  • American: American odds, also known as moneyline odds, are a common format used to represent the potential profit or loss associated with a wager. Positive odds are displayed with a plus sign (+) and indicate the potential profit for a $100 bet.
    Negative odds, on the other hand, are shown with a minus sign (-) and indicate the amount that needs to be wagered to win $100. Here is an example of how American Euro betting odds are typically displayed: +150 or -120

  • Decimal: Decimal odds, also known as European odds, represent the potential return on a wager, including the initial stake. They are displayed as a decimal number, such as 2.50. For example, if you bet $100 on European Championship odds of 2.50, a successful bet would result in a total return of $250 ($100 initial stake + $150 profit).

  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong odds are determined based on their proximity to the number 1, and odds lower than 1 indicate favourites, while odds higher than 1 indicate underdogs.
    To calculate the potential payout, you add 1 to the Euro odds and then multiply them by the bet amount. For instance, if the Euro betting odds are 0.5 and you bet $100, the potential payout would be $150 ($100 bet * (0.5 + 1)).

Euro 2024 favourites

Similar to other tournaments, certain Euro Cup groups/teams are considered frontrunners or favourites based on Euro 2024 predictions. These teams are currently on the Euro winner country prediction/forecast/odds and are expected to perform well in the tournament.


Since the last major tournament, England has established itself as a longstanding favourite. Although they have encountered challenges in advancing past the knockout stages in the past, they are expected to perform well this time around. 

Keep an eye on key players such as Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham, as they can make a difference on the field. The success of England in the tournament will largely hinge on the fitness and good form of their players.


With the country winning the most recent edition of the Euro Cup in 2021, they are strong contenders for this year’s tournament. Players like Nicolò Barella and Gianluigi Donnarumma are expected to be playmakers in the tournament.


Having secured the title of World Cup runners-up and boasting a strong roster of players, France is anticipated to be a leading contender in this tournament based on many Euro predictions. With star players like Kylian Mbappe, one of the world's top attackers, and the essential contributions of Antoine Griezmann, France is undoubtedly regarded as the hot favourite for Euro 2024.

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