Go for the gold: Paris 2024 Olympics betting at Sportsbet.io

The upcoming XXXIII Olympiad is getting everyone excited worldwide, from fans to punters alike. People look forward to witnessing the 32 sports events that will showcase talented players from various nations. The Paris 2024 Olympics is also an excellent opportunity to make outright bets. Have you decided which athletes and teams will win the gold medals this time? Here's your guide!

Paris 2024 Olympics

The Paris 2024 Olympics marks the 33rd edition of the Summer Olympic Games, held every four years. Millions of fans from around the world gather to watch the incredible skills displayed by athletes across various sports and disciplines. This serves not only as a celebration of sports excellence but also as an event that fosters cultural diversity and appreciation among nations.

France is hosting the Summer Olympics this year, with Paris as the main host city and other events transpiring in other cities throughout the country. The Games will commence on July 26 and conclude on August 11, 2024. Expect a multitude of events from various sports taking place daily to place bets on and determine an updated ranking of Olympic medals by country.

Top sports events to bet on in Paris 2024

Enhance your Paris 2024 spectating experience through outright betting! Dive into the most highly awaited sports events that promise thrilling action and start making your Olympic betting predictions on which team or athlete will bag the gold medal this time.

Olympics Soccer Betting

The Paris 2024 Olympics Soccer will take place from July 24 to August 10, 2024. Both men and women will compete in their respective tournaments, with over 500 players competing across 24 nations. There will be 16 teams for men and 12 teams for women.

With iconic players in the lineups, Olympic soccer odds are expected to be highly competitive. Sportsbet.io can serve as your bookmaker Olympic soccer.

 Favourites to win 

After the group draw, certain teams emerged as top picks to win the gold in the men's tournament at Paris 2024. Take a look at some of the bookmaker Olympic favourites:

  • France: France emerges as the clear Olympics favourites. With superstars like Kylian Mbappe in their lineup, Thierry Henry's team is determined to go for the gold, and many believe they can achieve it.
  • Argentina: Argentina ended Brazil's winning streak in the men's football competition at the Olympics after a 1-0 victory, knocking Brazil out of Paris 2024. La Albiceleste’s strong performance against the defending champions, coupled with the hopes of Lionel Messi joining their lineup, is gearing up to win the gold medal.

Olympics Basketball Betting

 From July 27 to August 11, 2024, the Paris 2024 Olympics basketball tournament promises intense games. Both men's and women's tournaments will feature 12 teams each, divided into three groups and compete in a round-robin format.  

With high anticipation, expect competitive Olympic basketball odds at Sportsbet.io for an exciting betting experience.

 Favourite teams to win 

The basketball groups have been announced for Paris 2024, and two teams have been listed as favourites who will be on the frontlines of the Olympic games betting odds. These are:

  • USA: Team USA is always at the forefront of championship contenders in international basketball. They are preparing a star-studded lineup featuring legendary players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant.

The USA is the country with most gold medals in Olympics basketball scene. They are determined to continue their reign, probably leading the 2024 Olympic medal table again.

  • Serbia: Serbia reached the gold medal game in last summer's FIBA World Cup. Their lineup boasts the exceptional talent of Nikola Jokic, who has already earned three NBA MVP titles in four seasons. With a strong team and impressive recent form, Serbia is poised to challenge Team USA for the gold medal.

Olympics Athletics Betting

Athletics at Paris 2024 is scheduled from August 1 to August 11, 2024. The event will feature three distinct categories: track and field, road running, and racewalking, with competitions for both men and women.

Over 1,800 athletes will participate across 48 medal events, making Athletics a sport to watch and an exciting opportunity for the Olympic outrights. Sportsbet.io is the perfect choice as a bookmaker track and field, so look no further.

 Favourites to win 

This sport presents a challenging landscape for Olympic direct bet due to the myriad of competing athletes. However, based on records and current form, certain athletes have been named as favourites to win gold:

  • Noah Lyles (USA): The current world champion in the 100m and 200m events, has set his sights on securing the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympics. This time, he aims to go even further by competing for not just two, but four gold medals. Lyles remains a favourite in track and field betting with his impressive track record and exceptional speed.
  • Armand Duplantis (Sweden): Duplantis has been unstoppable since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, setting world records with every jump. He won the Olympic gold by clearing 6.02m and went on to surpass 6.20m soon after. With his consistency and talent, Duplantis is the clear favourite on the Olympic odds in this pole jumping.

Olympics Swimming Betting

Scheduled from July 27 to August 9, 2024, the competition will feature pool events and two-day marathons for both men and women. Fans can expect various disciplines including backstroke, freestyle, and many more, giving plenty of excitement for betting.

 Favourites to win 

Among all the standout swimmers at the Paris 2024, certain names are expected to shine in the Olympics favourites betting scene. Here are some swimmers to watch, likely at the top of the Olympics swimming odds:

  • Katie Ledecky (USA): Paris 2024 is set to be another accolade for Katie Ledecky, who has already established an impressive record, topping the Olympic medal ranking. The world champion made waves at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, earning four medals.
  • Summer McIntosh (Canada): McIntosh has already achieved milestones in her career at such a young age. At just 17 years old, she set a world record in the 400m event and became a two-time world champion in the 400m and 200m butterfly events. McIntosh's skills have propelled her to the ranks of the world's top swimmers, with the chance to offer Olympics winning odds.

Olympics Volleyball Betting

Scheduled to take place from July 27 to August 11, 2024, the Paris 2024 volleyball tournament will feature 24 teams for indoor volleyball and 48 teams for beach volleyball. This provides an exciting opportunity for outright betting, making it a popular avenue for sports bettors.

 Favourites to win 

If you are interested in outright betting for the Paris 2024 volleyball tournament, there are several Olympic odds favourites worth watching. Here are a few of them which you can find with Sportsbet.io’s impressive Olympics volleyball odds:

  • USA: Team USA's women's volleyball team will take the stage at Paris 2024 as the defending champions in the women's indoor volleyball events. Meanwhile, their men's team is determined to redeem themselves after placing 10th in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Overall, the USA is the country with most Olympic medals in the previous season and is worth keeping a close eye on.
  • Turkiye: Turkiye has achieved remarkable success in both the Volleyball Nations League and the CEV European Championship, establishing themselves as a formidable team for the Paris 2024 Volleyball tournament. With their impressive recent form, Turkiye is considered one of the Olympic favourites to win the gold medal.

Olympics Tennis Betting

Get ready for the thrilling Paris 2024 tennis matches with Sportsbet.io, an excellent bookmaker Olympic tennis where you may enjoy competitive Olympics tennis odds! From July 27 to August 4, 2024, five medal events will take place, featuring singles and doubles matches for both men and women, as well as mixed doubles.

 Favourites to win 

While the qualification phase is yet to be announced, certain tennis stars have caught the attention of punters as potential gold medal contenders. One such player is men's no. 1, Novak Djokovic who has an impressive record of 24 Grand Slam titles across various competitions. He is determined to maintain his position at the top and secure the gold in this season's Olympics.

Olympics Golf Betting

A total of 120 players will be competing in the Paris 2024 Golf event, which will take place from August 1 to August 7, 2024. You can look forward to two medal events during this time. As you watch the tournament, why not enhance your excitement by placing bets on the Olympic golf odds and backing your favourite picks!

 Favourites to win 

The competition towards the gold will be tough and based on the current Olympic golf ranking, USA’s Scottie Scheffler and Ireland’s Rory Mcllroy are leading the board for the men’s tournament. Meanwhile, Both USA’s Nelly Korda and Lilia Vu are in the top spots of the women’s tournament ranking.

How to make accurate Olympic predictions for outright betting

Increase your chances of winning with these expert tips, ensuring your outright bets on the Paris 2024 sports events hit the bullseye. By following these strategies, you can make smarter bets and keep track of the Olympics 2024 medal table, giving yourself a better shot at success.

Study the recent forms of teams or athletes

Before you place your Outright Olympic bets on the Paris 2024 sports events, examine the Olympic teams and athletes’ recent form. Analyse their recent win and loss records, as well as their performance in the qualifiers. This will provide you with updated information on their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to assess which contenders have the potential to be the Olympic winner.

Track world records and season’s best 

Athletes and teams that hold world records have achieved certain feats, proving their abilities and enjoying being favourites in Olympic winner odds. Therefore, tracking world records, identifying the most Olympic medals won by country, and considering the season's best is an easy way to gauge the likelihood of winning gold. 

With this, you can further assess their current form and see if they remain strong contenders. To easily do this, you may search on the sports or discipline you’re betting on and list the number of medals won by each country, more so, the number of gold medals won by each country.

Study head-to-head matchups

Look into the head-to-head records between the competing teams, especially in the final phases of the recent editions. Analysing the matchups will provide information about the strengths of each team against the other, and lead you to the Olympics strong countries ranking. There will also be patterns that will reveal how a team or athlete plays, which can help you with your Olympic outright bets.

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