Let the games begin: How to bet on esports at

Get an unrivalled esports betting experience at With numerous MOBA, FPS, and virtual sports to bet on, you will never run out of games to place bets on here! Learn more about how to wager using Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and other top crypto on esports through this guide:

How to start esports betting at

Bet on any ongoing and upcoming esports competitions right after’s easy sign-up and deposit. Here’s how:

  • Click the signup button on the top-right corner of the website. 

  • Fill in the details to confirm the account creation. For an easy sign-up process, you can connect accounts from other platforms such as Google, Metamask, Line, Telegram, and Facebook.

  • Select your preferred method of payment. You can choose Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and more.

  • After sign-up, you can also see if there are any available promotions you can claim. This will maximise your esports betting experience even further. 

  • Find ‘Esports’ on the upper left column of the site, above ‘Virtual Sports’, and click it.

  • Choose which esports scene you want to bet on. has various tournaments and games available in any esports title on the page. If you want to check all the possible titles you can bet on, simply choose ‘All Sports’.

  • Click on any match you want to bet on. This will lead you to the match’s betting markets with multiple outcomes to wager on.

  • Select the outcomes you predict will happen in the game. For instance, the Winner market has three possible outcomes to choose from: Team [x] wins, Draw, and Team [y] wins.

  • Your Ticket will show you the outcomes you’ve bet on. Click ‘Set Stake’ and type in the bet amount you want to go for.

  • Finalise your esports bets by clicking on the ‘Place bet’ button on your Ticket.

The most popular esports titles to bet on at

Punters will not run out of esports titles to place bets on. Choose from a wide array of MOBA, FPS, and virtual sports games to stake on below:

  • League of Legends: Riot Games’ flagship title has a superb esports scene with various competitions you can watch the whole year round. For this MOBA game, you can bet on League’s biggest competitions: regional leagues, Mid-Season Invitational, and the World Championship.

  • Dota 2: This MOBA game is Valve’s biggest esports title with a circuit called the Dota Pro Circuit. The International, its staple tournament, is annually anticipated by fans as it showcases the pinnacle of Dota 2’s competitive scene. It provides an exciting atmosphere as every event has exceptional production value. 

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Valve’s premier tactical FPS is arguably the best in its genre. Events like the Valve CS:GO Majors and BLAST Premier display intense performances and teamwork from opposing teams which fans and bettors enjoy.

  • StarCraft 2: Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft 2’s esports scene has a rich history from tournaments like the Global StarCraft II League. This real-time strategy game showcases epic battles and strategic comebacks that excite the fans. 

  • VALORANT: This Riot Games tactical FPS game is known to be CS:GO’s rival due to its similarities in gameplay. However, this has unique features, such as abilities for the characters or Agents. The Valorant Champions Tour is the game’s main competitive circuit which you should keep an eye out for with Masters events and Champions at the end of the year.

  • Virtual sports: Bet on sports simulation games in their competitive leagues. The way you bet on traditional sports can influence your decision because the game is essentially the same, just with more fast-paced gameplay. Here are the games you can bet on at 

    • NBA 2K 

    • FIFA or EA Sports FC 

Bet on these esports betting markets at provides a variety of betting markets in a single esports game alone to make the most of your betting opportunities. As soon as you enter the esports betting page, click on the chosen match you want to wager on to see all the available markets. 

Here are the top esports betting markets: 

  • Winner: Predict which team will win. Esports games usually use a best-of-three (Bo3) series format, so your predicted winner of the game should win two out of three rounds. 

  • Handicap: This market puts a handicap on the favourite to balance the matchup against the underdog. The latter has an inherent advantage from the jump, and the market dictates that the favourite has to catch up and exceed the number given by

  • Totals: Depending on the metrics set in the game, you can count the total number of kills or resources earned. The total market will give you a specific number, and you will predict the outcome if it is over or under.

  • Maps betting: Most esports matchups usually feature three maps, thus the best-of-three (Bo3) series format. Maps betting lets you place wagers on which team wins a map.
    The final result of the game is not significant in this market. If you successfully bet on Team [x] to win Map 1, you will still take home the payouts even if Team [x] did not win Maps 2 and 3 in a Bo3. esports betting odds: Three formats to choose from

Betting odds show punters the probabilities of each outcome to happen. At the same time, it can also tell you the payout you can get from your successful bets. 

There are three different odds formats at that you can choose from. Simply scroll down the page, and locate the odds drop-down menu on the left. Here are the different formats:

  • American: This format has the underdogs attached with a positive (+) symbol, and the favourites have a negative (-) symbol. When the odds are +120, it means you need to bet 100 USDT to win 120 USDT. On the other hand, betting with odds of -120 means you have to bet 120 USDT to win at least 100 USDT.

  • Decimal: Displayed in decimal numbers, the favourites are given lower odds, while underdogs have higher odds. You only have to multiply the decimal odds by your stake to calculate your potential payout. For example, a 2.45 odds bet with a 30 USDT wager can net you a payout of 73.5 USDT.

  • Hong Kong: This is also presented in a decimal format. If the odds are higher than 1, that means they are underdogs and more profitable. Odds lower than 1 are for favourites that are safer but less profitable. HK odds-based payouts are calculated by adding 1 to the odds and then multiplying that number by every 1 USDT in the wager. 

Live esports betting: Place your crypto wagers on ongoing events at

Click the ‘Live’ tab on the top left section of the page to see every live esports event that you can bet on. If you want to bet on more markets, select the +[number] at the right-most section of the available match. 

Live game streams: Watch any live esports events at Click the green button to hover down the game’s live stream. This gives you a better idea of what is happening with the match and provides the best context.

Why you should try live esports betting

This feature is perfect for punters who like the thrill of taking risks on active tournaments and matches. 

  • Updated esports betting odds: The outcomes on various betting markets change in real-time, depending on how the match goes. If an upset happens mid-game, live betting odds on the underdogs might change and get closer to the favourites. 

  • Live betting markets: Lock in your bets before the market closes. For instance, the First Blood market will expire after the first kill of a Dota 2 game. Finalise your bets before the market ends. 

  • Live stats: To help esports punters further, also has live stats to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the game. In efootball, for example, stats on the current game are updated—from yellow cards, free kicks, goals and more. features to help your esports betting

Get the most worthwhile esports betting experience by utilising these features:

  • Betting Ticket: This feature is seen in the bottom part of your screen. It keeps track of your bets and stake amount. Clicking ‘Place bet’ on your Ticket finalises your wagers.

  • Stats: Click the Stats button located at the top right part of the esports betting screen. This will show you the team, player, and tournament records of both teams playing against each other. Here are some of the useful dates you can find: 

    • Map win rate

    • Most picked and banned agents/heroes/champions

    • Head-to-head match scores

    • First kills

    • KDAs

Win the biggest rewards with esports bets at provides a wide range of betting markets to choose from, giving you opportunities to profit. Choose from the many payment methods like Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) for some fast transactions. Try your hand at using’s mobile app, where you can enjoy thrilling action at your fingertips.