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E-soccer is the virtual version of the world's most popular sport—football. Just like its traditional counterpart, it has a massive betting scene. However, it puts punters in a unique situation. Instead of focusing on players battling on the field, they are betting on people playing a competitive video game, FIFA.

Making live eSoccer bets is pretty fun because not only are you watching some highly-skilled players compete against each other, it is a thrilling experience with results that will be difficult to predict. Before you get into the bets you want to make, learn about the differences between eSoccer and soccer.

What are the differences between eSoccer and soccer?

If you want to make FIFA eSoccer bets on, you might think it’s easy because it works like a soccer game. However, some aspects of these two differ from each other.

Soccer is a physical sport that is played in stadiums all over the world. On the other hand, eSoccer is the competitive circuit for matches in the FIFA video game. That is the main difference which means that you can expect soccer to be a sport with more depth.

Soccer is mainly played for 90 minutes with some extra time added to it. For eSoccer, the games will only last around 12 minutes, with 6 minutes per half.

How to make your e-Soccer in-play bets

For your eSoccer betting, you should start by creating an account here on You need to follow these steps: 

  • Click the sign-up button on the top-right corner of the website. 

  • Fill in the boxes with your information and then finalise the registration. 

  • You have other options for creating your account, like connecting other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Telegram, Google, and Metamask, to

As soon as you finish creating your account, you must deposit funds before making your eSoccer prediction. This is when you start looking into making bets for eSoccer at 

Punters can access a bevvy of matches on the site’s eSoccer section. You must select the in-play tab to see live games here and make eSoccer inplay betting wagers from every event offered. 

Click the match to see the betting markets for the eSoccer in play matches you can wager on.

What are the leagues you can make bets on? 

On, you can find eScocer leagues to make in-play bets on. You should not miss out on these events because of the exciting matches they offer: 

  • GT Sports League / GT Nations League: The eSoccer GT League offers individual tournaments that last around 2 hours and 30 minutes each. Every tournament will play at least 8 hours, meaning there are nine tournaments and 180 games per day for your GT Sports League betting.

  • Esports Battle: This league is mainly based in Ukraine, and participants must play on a PlayStation console. They will have to play in a live environment which heightens the pressure on the players and adds to the excitement of FIFA eSoccer battle betting.

  • Cyber Live Arena: The eSoccer Cyber Live Arena circuit focuses on sports simulation games like FIFA. This brings players from all over the world to compete in a tournament. There are also country-specific leagues in the CLA that make for a diverse in-play betting experience since there are many options.

How to read’s eSoccer live odds

The eSoccer live odds are numbers that determine the likelihood of a certain event happening or which team has a better chance to win in an ongoing game. You can also use these numbers to compute your potential payouts. Live eSoccer odds are based on how both teams are playing in the match. Expect these odds to change as the game unfolds constantly. 

The types of odds on

There are three types of eSoccer odds on the site. Regardless of their differences in format, their context with your eSoccer battle predictions remains the same.

  • Moneyline: The eSoccer live betting odds are displayed with positive and negative symbols. The positive numbers are for the underdogs since they are riskier and more lucrative. The favourites are indicated by negative numbers. They are safer bets; however, they are not as profitable as betting on the weaker side.

  • Decimal: The odds for this format are displayed in decimals, which you can use to calculate the potential payout. You do this by multiplying the decimal odds to every $1 that you wager. For example, you can make a $20 bet on a market with 3.35 odds which will then turn into a $67 reward. At the same time, the higher the number, they’re more considered the underdogs while the lower numbers are for favourites.

  • Hong Kong: This type of odds has a unique model because if the value is exactly at 1, that will net players a 1/1 payout. However, the normal favourite and underdog are in odds less than 1 and more than 1 respectively.

The best eSoccer live betting markets offers a lot of in-play markets for eSoccer matches. With a variety of options, you can increase your chances of winning fantastic rewards. Here are a few of the best ones:

  • 1x2: The 1 refers to a home win, x is the draw, and 2 is the win. Since this is a video game, you will most likely see the home and away distinction is the in-game version of home and away teams.

  • Draw no bet: This will involve betting on one player to win but if the match ends in a draw, your wager is returned without any cut-offs. 

  • Asian total: This market involves betting on whether or not the total number of goals scored will go over or under a specific number.

  • Half winner: This is a standard market but it only takes a half into account whether it’s the first or second half.

  • First team to score: You will predict which player will score the match's first goal between the two competing players in the matchup. 

Watch live eSoccer games and place your bets here at takes pride in bringing the best eSoccer live arena betting experience. The site also offers features that can make your bets enjoyable including the Betslip and the Betbuilder which tracks and combines all of your bets into one big one, respectively. You can even use the mobile app which can lead to a fun, fast, and fair betting experience anywhere you go.

Frequently asked questions

These are the most commonly asked questions for’s eSoccer betting experience. 

Will knowing the game mechanics be important for your bets?

It helps you make decisions because you have the context behind why they made a move or why they play that way. 

Is the version of the game important for your bets? Why or why not?

Yes, it is important because some FIFA versions differ from each other. This means that some players have preferences and they might play one game compared to another.

Why is it important to know how players play the game? 

If you know how the pro players perform, you can win because you know their playstyles.