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How to place outright bets on Biathlon matches

Get the most out of with your account, giving you access to a wide range of exciting sports bets. Dive into the thrill of Biathlon outright betting with these easy steps:

  1. Click 'Deposit' in the top-right corner.

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  3. Then, head to Biathlon and click on the outrights tab. 

  4. Check the odds, and make your choices. 

  5. Adjust your stake on the Bet slip, maybe use the Price Boost feature, and then hit 'Place Bet' to lock it in!

How do Biathlon tournaments work?

Biathlon combines the skill of cross-country skiing with precision marksmanship. It originated as a military training exercise in Scandinavia before evolving into a competitive sport. Athletes race across varying distances while pausing at shooting ranges to hit targets, challenging their physical endurance and shooting accuracy. The sport is contested in various formats, including individual, sprint, pursuit, mass start, and relay events, each demanding distinct strategies and skills from competitors. 

Biathlon tournaments typically feature a series of races over several days, with athletes accumulating points based on their performances to determine rankings and medal winners. Qualification for major tournaments, such as the Winter Olympics or World Championships, often depends on athletes' performances in preceding seasons and specific qualification events. Athletes compete for their national teams, representing their countries with pride and aiming to excel in skiing and shooting. The sport’s history is rich with remarkable achievements and memorable moments, showcasing the prowess of athletes from nations renowned for winter sports prowess, like Norway, Germany, and Russia.

Top Biathlon tournaments to bet on

Explore the world of biathlon through its top tournaments like the Biathlon World Championships, Winter Olympics Biathlon, and the IBU World Cup. Understanding these events is crucial for anyone interested in betting on biathlon, offering insights into the athletes, disciplines, and competition dynamics that influence betting outcomes. Here are the top tournaments to know:

Biathlon World Championships

The Biathlon World Championships are held annually and gather elite athletes from around the globe. Competitors participate in a series of races combining skiing and rifle shooting, aiming to win medals in sprint, pursuit, individual, mass start, and relays. This prestigious event typically spans over a week and is hosted in prominent European winter sports venues.

Winter Olympics Biathlon

The Winter Olympics Biathlon occurs every four years as part of the Winter Olympic Games. It is one of the most captivating events, watched by millions worldwide. Athletes from various nations compete in races that demand precision shooting following intense skiing segments. The Winter Olympics Biathlon is held globally in diverse locations, providing biathletes a platform to achieve Olympic glory and national pride.

IBU World Cup

The IBU World Cup is an annual biathlon series held across multiple countries from November to March. It features stages where athletes compete individually and in teams, striving for the overall World Cup title. Races in the IBU World Cup test athletes’ endurance, accuracy, and tactical skills, making it a crucial event in the biathlon calendar and a showcase of top-level competition.

Betting odds formats to choose from at

View your Biathlon odds more easily at by choosing from the following betting odds formats:

  • American: American odds are presented with a plus or minus sign, with +226 indicating a potential profit of 226 USDT on a 100 USDT bet and -226 indicating the amount needed to wager to win 100 USDT profit.

  • Decimal: Decimal odds represent the total payout, including the original stake, with a figure like 22.6, indicating a potential return of 22.60 USDT for every 1 USDT bet.

  • Hong Kong: The odds use a decimal system, where a figure like 22.6 signifies a potential profit of 22.60 USDT for every 1 USDT staked.

Predicting the champion: Biathlon betting tips to consider

Before placing a bet, make sure to consider the following to increase your chances of successful wagers at

  • Track Performance Trends: Analyse athletes' recent performances across different races and conditions to gauge their current form and consistency.

  • Consider Shooting Accuracy: Focus on biathletes known for their strong shooting skills, as accuracy can significantly impact race outcomes.

  • Weather Conditions: Monitor weather forecasts affecting skiing conditions and shooting accuracy, influencing race results.

  • Understand Race Formats: Different biathlon race formats (e.g., sprint, pursuit) require varying strategies; familiarise yourself with each format's nuances to make informed bets. features: Best ways to maximise your betting experience

Make it easier to place your bets when you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) at Besides these methods, though, here are some of’s features you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Mobile app: With's mobile app, betting becomes seamless and convenient, allowing you to dive into the action with ease, wherever you are.

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