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Wager on the greatest leagues at Sportsbet.io's live American football betting! We’ve got odds for XFL, NCAA and NFL matches! Huddle up for the best markets on your favourite team and enjoy a world-class experience when you gamble with us! Betting on in-play matches allows you to call an audible on your wager while the game is running! With our new SB mobile app, intercept odds changes on your stakes and adjust. American football live bets allow you a variety of propositions.

Here are some popular in-play wagers for Live American Football betting:

Over/Under Total Bets

These are done by wagering on whether the teams or players will go higher or lower a given value, depending on the prop bet.

Yards Total

This prop bet most often refers to the yards covered by a quarterback through passing. Other examples include betting over or under the passing, rushing or receiving yards of individual players or teams.

Points Total

This refers to the total points gathered by individual players in the entire game. Points can be earned by touchdowns, field goals, safeties and other things.

Yes/No Bets

This kind of betting options discusses whether a provided scenario will happen or not. This can talk about whether a team will score first over their opponent and many other kinds of events!


Often used when a strong favourite is playing in a match, handicap betting creates a score margin for one team to overcome. You can bet that the favoured team can win by the set points of the handicap or they can wager that the underdogs will win or at least not lose by that margin.

Instead of single matches in live betting, you can also kickoff on our Future and Outrights page to wager your Bitcoin on who you think will win the championship!

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